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Teaching From Rest – Book Study Group


To all of the tired, worn out and just plain frustrated homeschooling moms, you are in the right place. There will be a Teaching From Rest: A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakeable Peace by Sarah Mackenzie book study group, starting Monday, Feburary 12th at 9:00 p.m. We will meet on our Homeschooling Women of God Facebook Group page. I will be posting questions to think about and to help start a discussion. I will also be on the Facebook page Live on Monday nights at 9:00. The nice thing about these videos is that you can replay them whenever you want, and join in on the discussion then. This allows you to do the book study at your own pace.


Here is the Schedule for the Book Study:

  1. Feb. 12 – Forward, Preface, and Introduction. Part One – pages 2-8. This section sets up the whole book. Why the author wrote it and what to expect. Part one talks about how to create more peace in your homeschooling life, by letting the control go.

  2. Feb. 19 – Part One – pages 8-18. This section talks about the daily grind and how to cultivate your garden (children) from it all.

  3. Feb. 26 – Part Two – pages 21-31. How to do less. We will take a whole week to closely look at our schedules and figure out how we can do less.

  4. Mar. 5 – Part Two – pages pages 31-32. How to integrate your subjects together and understanding the limitations of published resources. This week will help you to free yourselves from your published curriculum. To stop feeling like such a slave to your kids’ curriculum books and creating more of an enjoyable atmosphere in your home.

  5. Mar. 12 – Part Two – pages 32-27. We will learn how to bake in review time. This is not a review time for our kids, but a review time as a mom. This week will rejuvenate your understanding of what is working in your homeschool life and what is not. We will finish this week with remembering the point of why we even started homeschooling in the first place.

  6. Mar. 19 – Part Two – pages 38-40. This week will allow you to simplify your schedule in a whole new way. The author envokes insight from all of us in a way that leads to more peace.

  7. Mar 26. – Part Two – pages 41-43. This is my favorite week. We will learn how to break out of the same old mold that we are stuck in. We will also learn what loop scheduling, which has done wonders for my homeschooling life.

  8. April 2 – Part Two – pages 45-48. Why we should have a morning time in our homeschooling days.

  9. April 9 – Part Two – pages 49-54. Reminding yourself whose time you are really on. Allowing yourself to relax more.

  10. April 16 – Part Three – pages 56-59. Learning to have a homeschooling life that is centered around your strengths too. This week we will learn that it is not all about our kids and how they learn.

  11. April 23 – Part Three – pages 59-62. Coming to a place where you can breathe again.

  12. April 30 – Part Three – pages 62-70. Truth about who and what we are teaching. Remembering our kids as God’s gift to us.

  13. May 7 – Part Three – pages 71-77. Learning about the word Schole and what it can do to change your life.


I promise you that this will be a book study group that will change not only how you homeschool your kids, but also your attitude towards homeschooling.


“I judge my success or failure in my teaching either by the tools my child has in his academic toolbox

at the end of a school year, or by whether she still enjoys school, pursues knowledge, and chooses to read stacks 

of high-quality books in her free time. Success in God’s eyes may not always look like the success we were seeking,

but if we are faithful, we will know His peace and rest in our studies and efforts.”

Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie


Wouldn’t it be nice to find what truly being educated looks like. Not just to school our kids with checklists and hurried attitudes. But to savor ever moment of each day with our kids. Helping them to know who God is and to make Him known.


“Each and everyone of those little moments are part of something beautiful you are making for God – you

are building a cathedral. The building up of the intellect – teaching children to really think – does not happen

by the might of human reason, but rather by the grace of God.”

Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie


I want the cathedrals that I build to have a strong cornerstone. That no matter what happens in their life, that they always have faith in God. Beyond that is all extra.


Join us Monday, Feburary 12th, on Facebook at 9:00 p.m. that night. Come in your pajamas and just enjoy a night of God’s grace and women learning how to homeschool together in peace. May God bless all of you and give you the grace to homeschool in a way that illumates Him in your house.

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