Websites to Help With Learning

 Websites to Help with learning

Preschool – website to teach your child to recognize the letters of the alphabet, sounds of each letter and get them ready to read. Fun videos that your child will love to watch. – this website teaches your child everything need to know for preschool and beginning of kindergarten. Amazing games, videos, printable worksheets, and more. The first month is free, than it is $7.95 a month. You can also pay for a whole year at a smaller price than $7.95 a month. – when I was a public school teacher this was one of my favorite magazines ever. They now have a website and the magazine is right on the website. There are thousands of printable worksheets, games, learning centers and more. Some of the materials are free. If you want access to everything then the cost is $2.99 a month, for each set of grades that you would like to purchase. I paid $59.95 for a full year for 2 different sets of grade levels. – endorsed by the National Center for Learning Disabilities, this site has a lot of FREE resources to help your child to develop literacy skills before kindergarten. There are literacy games, webinars, literacy checklists, tips for parents, skill-building activities, and much more.

Early Elementary – need new ideas that are fun and hands-on. These ideas will not only spark your kids imagination but allow them to learn a lot of different subjects in new ways. (more…)

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Elementary Reading Task Cards

Teaching Your Child The Reading Standards One Card At A Time

Third Grade Reading Task Cards

     We use the classical method of teaching reading. This is where we choose books, above their level of reading to read together and books that are just right for them to read on their own. So I needed something that would make sure that we are covering all of the reading skills, that needed to be covered in a grade. I looked around at a lot of different reading task cards online, but I couldn’t seem to find any cards that were simple and easy to use. Plus, most of the cards cost money. A lot of cards had small stories on them, that used only one reading skill. I wanted my daughter to be able to read any story, and then pull out a reading task card and be able to answer it in her journal. So I decided to create my own. I can now rest assured, knowing that we are covering all the reading skills needed for third grade.

Since, I had such a good response with the third grade reading task cards, I decided to make cards for second, fourth and fifth grade. These cards follow the common core standards that your child is expected to learn, if they were in public school. Now, I know that most of you are probably thinking, I do not want to follow the common core standards. That is one of the reasons that I homeschool my kids. Well, I am here to tell you that it is not the standards that people are frustrated with in the public school system, it is the manner and material used to teach the common core standards. I promise you that if you download these task cards, you will see, that these cards are very well constructed from proper standards at each grade level. This will allow you to make sure that you are hitting all of the reading standards, at your child’s grade level, using any book that you and your family chooses.

Download FREE Second Grade Reading Task Cards

Download Free Third Grade Reading Task Cards

Download FREE Fourth Grade Reading Task Cards

Download FREE Fifth Grad Reading Task Cards

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Phonics Reading List and Activities to Help Your Kids Read, Write and Spell

Free Download of A Full Phonics List

Full PhonicsListTeach Your Kid to Read, Write and Spell

Need a way to teach your child how to read? Try my FREE phonics list along with a huge list of activities, that meets every child’s learning style. This list will help your child learn how to read and spell for at least their first 3 years.

Do you struggle with teaching your kids how to read? How about helping them learn how to spell certain words when they are writing? Well, I did. I couldn’t find a book, that helped me figure out an exact phonics order that would help me teach my children, how to read, write and spell. All the books that I had, that showed me how to teach my child to read, were okay at first. Then they seemed to not suite my kids learning needs anymore. I was getting frustrated and thought, look I have taught a ton of kids to read before. It is not rocket science, but having an exact order in which to teach them the phonics skills that they need to read, is very important. So finally, I found the book, The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading, by Jessie Wise and Sara Buffington. This uses phonics as its’ cornerstone to teaching reading.

All I wanted though was a phonics list, because each of my kid learns how to read, write and spell in a different way. I decided to sit down and create a full phonics list of all the phonics skills they would need to be an amazing reader, writer and speller. It took me quite a few days to create the list, because it is a very extensive list. But, this list will meet any child, where ever they are on the phonics spectrum, how to read, write and spell.

Below is a list of activities that I suggest to use along with the Download FREE Phonics List Here. Together, these activities and the phonics list should meet any child’s needs to learn how to read, write and spell, no matter what their learning style is.  (more…)

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Learning to Spell While Playing Basketball

Learn to SpellPlaying Basketball

 I have two really active kids and sometimes playing basketball helps us to get our wiggles out. We put up a little hoop in our hallway and bought a smaller basket ball, so we play inside right now. But, in the summer we have an outdoor basketball hoop that we play with. So I thought why not turn it into a learning experience. My kids have really enjoyed this activity and actually ask to play it everyday.

How to Play:

     If you have ever played the game “Horse” before, then this should be an easy game for you. All you do is choose a word that the kids are having a hard time learning to spell. We rotate words, so one day we do words that my 5 year old needs to work on. Other days, we work on words that my 8 year old needs to learn. The last word that we worked on was the word, out. You then need to decided in which order everyone will shoot the ball. We usually go youngest to oldest. Then the first person, takes the ball where ever they would like, and tries to make a basket from that spot. If they make the shot, the person after them has to make it. If the person after them misses making the basket, from the same spot where the person before them made a basket, they would receive the first letter in the word. So for us, they would receive the letter o. Then the next person gets to shoot the ball from whatever spot they would like to. If they miss then the next person gets the ball. So let me show you an example of how one game would go. (more…)

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Helping Verbs Games & Ideas

Hands-On Activities

Helping verbs

     How many of you find learning the English grammar system quite boring? Or, difficult to remember the different names of all of the parts of speech? My favorite part is trying to remember which words go with which part of speech. Well, worry no longer. Here are some great games and hands-on ideas that will not only inspire you to learn about the English grammar system, but, also help your children to learn the parts of speech in many different ways.


  1. Match – print out two sets of the helping verb cards (bottom of the post), then spread out all of the cards face down. On your turn, you may flip over two cards. If the words match you may keep the cards. If they do not match, flip the cards back over and then the next player gets a turn. Play continues, until all of the cards have been matched up and there are no more cards left face down in front of you. Then count the matches that are in your pile. The player with the most matches wins the game.
  2. Rags to Riches” – –  this is an online game. You have to choose the correct word for each sentence. If you get the correct answer, you get to move up to the next level, earning more money.
  3. Hop along – print the helping verb cards (bottom of the post) onto card stock. You can laminate them also if you would like. Lay them on the floor in a nice path. They can then, hop on each card and say each word as they hop on it. If they say a word in correctly then they have to go back to the beginning. You could also print out the jingle bells song and have your child learn the tune. After they can sing the song correctly, lay the cards on the floor in a nice path, in the same order that they appear in the song. Turn some of the cards face down in the path. Your child then has to hop on the cards and tell you what the word is on the cards that are tipped over. If they guess the word correctly they can keep it. For each card that they collect, it equals one point. Then you can lay them out again, putting different cards face down, for another child, or have your child try again.
  4. Name All 23 Helping Verbs – – challenge your kids to name all 23 helping verbs


  1. Helping Verbs Puzzle –
  2. Helping Verbs and Action Verbs worksheet –
  3. Helping Verbs Center – does cost $2.40 –
  4. Helping Verb Video –
  5. Helping Verb Scoot Around the Room Center – does cost $2.2.5 –
  6. Power Point Presentation –
  7. Helping Verb Worksheet – (grade 4-6) –
  8. Helping Verbs Video – main verbs, helping verbs and verb phrases –
  9. Online worksheet –


  1. If You Were a Verb by Michael Dahl


Download the Free Helping Verb Cards

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