Number Knockout Board Holiday Editions


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I absolutely love the Number Knockout Challenge. My kids and I try to do this challenge at least three days a week. I have decided to take the Number Knockout Board and create different boards for the holidays.



Christmas Tree Number Knockout Board

Christmas Tree Number Knockout Board 2

Christmas Tree Number Knockout Board 3

Christmas Tree Number Knockout Board PDF

Christmas Tree Number Knockout Board 2 PDF

Christmas Tree Number Knockout Board 3 PDF

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Websites to Help With Learning

 Websites to Help with learning

Preschool – website to teach your child to recognize the letters of the alphabet, sounds of each letter and get them ready to read. Fun videos that your child will love to watch. – this website teaches your child everything need to know for preschool and beginning of kindergarten. Amazing games, videos, printable worksheets, and more. The first month is free, than it is $7.95 a month. You can also pay for a whole year at a smaller price than $7.95 a month. – when I was a public school teacher this was one of my favorite magazines ever. They now have a website and the magazine is right on the website. There are thousands of printable worksheets, games, learning centers and more. Some of the materials are free. If you want access to everything then the cost is $2.99 a month, for each set of grades that you would like to purchase. I paid $59.95 for a full year for 2 different sets of grade levels. – endorsed by the National Center for Learning Disabilities, this site has a lot of FREE resources to help your child to develop literacy skills before kindergarten. There are literacy games, webinars, literacy checklists, tips for parents, skill-building activities, and much more.

Early Elementary – need new ideas that are fun and hands-on. These ideas will not only spark your kids imagination but allow them to learn a lot of different subjects in new ways. (more…)

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2D & 3D Shapes With Toothpicks and Playdough

tooth pick shapes

My son had to start learning about 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes this week. He had to learn about the sides, corners, and edges of all of these shapes. So we found this idea on how to make this lesson a fun, hands-on experience.

Items Needed:

box of toothpicks

enough playdough to make at least 8 small balls

Click Here to Download FREE Shape Worksheet


I had my son make a square using 4 toothpicks and 4 little balls of playdough. He had so much fun making this shape, that he couldn’t wait to make the rest of the shapes. Also, using the toothpicks allowed for him to visually be able to see how many sides a square had. The playdough highlighted the corners very well.

tooth pick shapes 2-d1 (more…)

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Exciting Domino Math Facts Game

Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction


      I have been using timed math tests for the past year, wondering why my children have not learned their math facts at a faster rate. My oldest daughter, who is 8 years old, still struggles sometimes with addition and subtraction facts. She should be able to give me an answer quickly now for any addition or subtraction fact. But, she still has to use her fingers and think about it. So I sat down and started to figure out a way to help her and my 5 year old son, to work on their math facts, in a way that would allow both of them to retain their math facts at a faster rate.


1 set of Dominoes

Domino Math Fact Game Worksheet (download below)

Object of the Game:

To be able to add, multiply or subtract the dots on your domino the fastest and collect the most dominoes.


     Place all the dominoes face down in a pile in the middle of the table. Then decide how each child will solve their domino before you begin. One child might have to add both sides of their domino for their answer. One child might have to multiply or subtract both sides of their domino for their answer. Once everyone knows how they are to solve their domino, have each child take one domino and put it in front of them, still face down. Then at the same time they are to flip their domino over and solve it as fast as they can. When they have their answer, they need to say it out loud. Then someone needs to check and make sure that the answer that they came up with is correct. Whoever came up with the correct answer the fastest, gets to keep all of the dominoes for that round. Then repeat these steps again.

     Play until all of the dominoes on the table are gone. Then have each player count how many dominoes they have collected in their pile. The child with the most dominoes wins.

Optional Follow-Up

     Once the game is over, I give each child a Domino Math Fact Game worksheet. They have to pick up a domino that is in their pile and write the number sentence that matches that dots on the domino. For example, if the domino has 3 dots on the left side and 5 dots on the right side, they would write 3 + 5 = 8 or 3 x 5 = 15 or 5 – 3 = 2. They continue to do this until their whole worksheet is filled in.

Download FREE Domino Math Facts Game Worksheets

  • Have fun learning the math facts again and helping your child to retain them in a way that is enjoyable.

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Mastering Your Math Facts

Helping Your Child Master The Math Facts

math facts

     It is a common known standard that your child should learn to memorize the math facts. Everything from subtraction and addition, to multiplication and division. So how do we motivate our kids to learn these math facts? We use something called Math Masters.

Research Behind Learning Math Facts

When your child masters their math facts, they go from being able to count on their fingers (a time consuming task), to automatically remembering their facts. This allows them to retrieve their math facts quickly and effortlessly. Furthermore, the significance of fact retrieval speed as a predictor of performance is not limited to test items that directly assess computation — it predicts performance on math concept problems, word problems, data interpretation problems, and mathematical reasoning items as well. As you would imagine the United States does not take enough time making sure that their children are sufficient enough, in the mastering of the math facts.

In the new Common Core Standards, by the end of second grade, students should have mastered their addition and subtraction math facts. By the end of third grade they should have mastered their multiplication facts. And by the end of fourth grade they should have mastered their division facts. I know that a lot of people are upset with the common core standards, but they are researched based. If you go by the math standards themselves, they are not bad, it is just how they are being implemented in the classroom. Making sure that your children know their math facts by the end of fourth grade will help them with future math content. Chart for the Common Core Standards on math fluency for each grade level.

I recently had a chance to talk with some of my previous fourth grade students, that I had 3 years ago, and I asked them if learning their multiplication facts helped them at all in fifth grade. All of them shook their head vigorously or answered “Yes,” right away. I was surprised at how quick their comments came out. They went on to tell me that in fifth grade they worked a lot on division and that knowing their multiplication facts allowed them to focus on learning how to solve the division problem. One kid told me that he liked being able to multiply numbers quickly, it helped him to get his homework done faster. I was so happy to hear to how much learning their math facts has helped them.

How To Teach Math Fluency

Learning your math facts makes us think of flash cards or timed tests. What if we were to use games instead, apps or even songs? Here are a few sites that have some great ideas to help your child learn their math facts: – includes games for all levels and all 4 areas of math fluency (addition,                                                                                                               subtraction, multiplication, and division). – 10 apps that you can download on your tablet or smart                                                                                                                                          phone, so that your child can learn them anywhere.

Search on for Classical Conversation skip counting songs – learning by singing is one of the most efficient ways to learn anything.

Math Masters

I created a chart called Math Masters. It allows your kids to work on certain set of math facts for a timed period. Once your kids have had enough sufficient time playing games, singing songs or working on their math apps, you can then give them a math facts timed test. To find some printable math facts timed test try this site, You should have at least 25 problems on the timed test if they are in kindergarten or beginning of first grade. Towards the end of first grade, and depending on how comfortable your child is becoming with timed tests, you can up the amount of problems on each math facts timed test.

The Math Masters chart allows your child to keep track of their progress. It helps them to visually see their improvements that they are making. Once my child has reached the top of the chart at least three times, then they receive a prize. We have done anything from ice cream sundaes, to game night, to staying up late that night. This helps them to push themselves. Now you do not want your child getting so frustrated, that they give up trying to get to the top of the chart. If you find them working as hard as they can and they still can not reach the top, start celebrating the small steps of progress. So maybe if they can do 30 problems in 2 minutes then they get a reward. Do not change the numbers on the chart, because this teaches them that you do not believe that they will ever be able to accomplish the goal that you set. You have to believe in them for your child to start believing in them self.

Please feel free to take the Math Masters chart and change the numbers on the side to suite the needs of your child more.

For each day that they complete have them put the date in one of the squares at the bottom. Then they can color in their chart up to the number of correct answers on their timed test. Do this at least three times a week, until they reach their goal. Then start on a new goal.

Download the Math Masters Chart

How will you use the Math Masters Chart? Please take a picture or explain in the comment section below!!

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