Raising Godly Kids Chart with Creative Rewards and Consequence

raising godly kids


Do you feel like you are at the end of your rope? You have tried everything under the sun and nothing seems to work? You feel frustrated and at a loss of what to do next? This reward and consequence system will allow you to take back the control in your household. Do NOT waste another day feeling helpless. Download all these amazing behavior printables today and start raising kids that display Godly Character Traits.

I do not know about you, but it seems like in the spring time my kids get a little more grumpier. They have a hard time listening, following directions and getting along with each other. I tried to look for a new way to discipline my kids, but, I was sick and tired of all of the consequence reward ideas that I found. So I asked myself, what is the biggest goal I have for my kids when they grow up. That was easy, I want them to follow God and be a light in the world. I decided to create a creative behavior chart that would allow me to not only focus on an area that I wanted to change,  but also an area that I could praise and reward them on.

Godly Character Charts

So I started with the behavior chart. I made four charts. There are rocket ships for boys and butterflies for girls. Then I made a chart for children that are younger than 5 years old and a chart for kids that are 5 years and older. To use these charts you list one behavior that they display that is unwanted. For example, maybe they forget to pick up after themselves. So on the top line, below the butterfly, you would list, didn’t pick up. Then on the bottom line, you would list the opposite Godly Character Trait of tidiness. This allows you to have them make an x in the first star, on the top set of stars, every time that they forget to pick up something. The bottom set of stars, lets them put an x for each time that they remember to pick up after themselves. Next, you need to list three consequences in the top section. The consequence can stay the same, or you can make the consequences get bigger. Then, when your child puts an x over the star with the number 1, they receive the consequence listed on line one. This leaves the guessing for what consequence they will receive out of the equation. No longer do you have to decide what the consequence will be in the heat of the moment. Now, take time to list rewards on the bottom line. You could have the kids help you with this area, that way they feel invested in the behavior chart. Remind them that the rewards should start out small and then get bigger. You could give them a few suggestions for each line and have them pick the ones that they like. Finally, you are all set to use the chart. Use this chart anyway that suites your family’s needs.

Godly character trait chart             Godly character trait chart 1

List of Character Traits

Then I decided to come up with a list of Godly character traits. I know that as a parent knowing the end goal, helps me to figure out what steps to take to get there. I took the list and decided which trait is the most important to me right now and circled it. Then I tried to work on those Godly traits first. Once my child had mastered that character trait then I moved on to try to have them master the next trait. The list is pretty long and I do not want any parent to feel overwhelmed when they look at the list. Focus on one area at a time and this will help not only you but also your kids in knowing what exactly is expected from them.

List of Godly Character Traits

List of Poor Behaviors

After that I made a list of undesirable behaviors. This lists helped me to verbalize the behavior that my child is doing that bothers me the most. It is so easy to look at our kids and say, “Why can’t they stop doing this, and this, and this, and this…” The list can go keep filling up with our negative view of our kid(s). That is why I suggest only focusing on one area first.

List of Poor Behaviors

List of Consequences

That is why I made the Godly Character Chart the way that I did. This chart allows you to focus on only one negative behavior and one Godly character trait at a time. On top of all of these worksheets, I created a creative consequence one as well. This worksheets helps us as parents to give our kids consequences that are relevant to the behavior. To me, this is the area in disciplining our children that matters the most. If we do not give our kids the correct consequence for their inappropriate behavior, then they do not learn from their mistake.

List of Creative Consequences

List of Rewards by Age 

Finally on top of giving an appropriate consequence for their behavior, we also need to give praise to our kids. We need to lift them up in a world that does enough tearing them down. I created a list of rewards that will allow you to have fun and enjoy time with your kids, all the while teaching them to behave in a way that allows you to have a peaceful and enjoyable home.

List of Rewards

Stop feeling defeated. Download these printable charts and lists to help you raise Godly kids who make the world a better place.

Download the FREE Charts and Lists Here

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Fun Weekly Summer School Ideas

Weekly Ideas That Will Spark Interest in A New Topic

Fun Weekly summer school ideas

Starting June first of 2016, we will be having a weekly summer school idea extravaganza. If you are not part of our Facebook group, you will want to join us as soon as possible. During each week there will be a weekly challenge for you and your family to complete. Then each family can post pictures of how they completed the challenge, use words to describe their adventures or even post videos of all the fun things that you have learned during the week or a video explaining how to do the challenge the way that you did.

I know that this will be a fun way to keep all of our families learning and sharing ideas with one another. I know that if you are like me, it is so easy to just forget all about school in the summer and just have fun. But, what if we could learn and have fun all at the same time?? Wouldn’t that be the BEST SUMMER EVER!!

Well here is our line-up of fun challenges to complete each week this summer:

  • Please feel free to complete the tasks that suite your family’s needs.


6/5 – 6/11: Butterflies – Let’s save the Monarch Butterflies. The  Monarch Butterfly population has declined by more than 90% in the past                                                     few years. Go to the Butterfly Heroes website, to receive your free butterfly garden starter kit. Here are some cool                                                     butterfly activities: http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/butterflies. Please take pictures of your family planting their                                                     butterfly garden together and post them on our Homeschool Women of God Facebook group.

6/12 – 6/18:  Plants – This week go for a nature walk and take as many pictures of different plants as you can. Then you can post your photos                                            onto the Homeschooling Women of God  Facebook page asking people to help you to identify each plant. Or, you can                                                label each picture with the name of the plant, so that everyone can learn the name of the plants as well.

6/19 – 6/25:  Clouds – This week take time to relax in the grass and gaze at the clouds. Remember to take pictures of your favorite clouds.                                                   Then upload your photos onto the Facebook page. Label each picture what object you think that it looks like and also                                               the name of the cloud, if you know it. Here is a video to help you and your child(ren) learn about the different types of                                             clouds: http://www.teachertube.com/video/cloud-types-137031. If you do not know what type of cloud it is, ask other                                             people to help you label them from the Facebook group. If you have pictures of your butterfly garden coming up,                                                       please take pictures and share them with us.

6/26 – 7/2: Airplanes – Using whatever materials you have lying around your house to make an airplane. Let each child explore what works                                                best to make their airplane fly farther. Don’t forget to have a lot of tape on hand. Allow them to measure how far                                                        their airplane has flown each time. For older kids you could have them graph the distance of their airplane during                                                    each flight attempt. You could also have them use a stop watch to see how long the airplane stayed in the air. If you                                                  need more help with airplane ideas checkout this website: http://www.scholastic.com/browse/lessonplan.jsp?                                                          id=1508. Please take pictures and share your experience with us on our Facebook group.


7/3 – 7/9: Rocks – As you are out on walks this week have your child be on the look out for rocks that look different, or let them collect                                                 whatever rocks that they like. Then take a picture of the rocks and post them on our Facebook group. You can label each                                         picture with what type of rock it is or you can ask others in our group to help you figure out what kind of rock it is. Here is                                       a video to help everyone learn about the three different types of rocks.

7/10 – 7/16: Chemistry – There are a lot of ways that chemistry plays an important role in our lives everyday. Try to come up with different                                                     ways that certain chemicals react with each other. It could be how yeast makes bread rise, or how baking soda and                                                     vinegar bubble up. Take pictures of what happens when you mix certain chemicals together. Here are some more                                                       chemical reaction ideas.Then post your pictures on our Facebook group. If you have them time tell us how you and                                                   family made the chemical reaction happen.

7/17 – 7/23: Painting – Let your child(ren) paint this week. Let them paint on all different types of materials: rocks, wood, paper, leaves,                                                       flowers, etc.  Let them use different types of paints as well if you can. Please post pictures of their beautiful artwork                                                   on our Facebook group.

7/24 – 7/30: Recipes – This week make your favorite recipe together or try to make a new recipe. Take photos and post them on our                                                               Facebook group. Then add the recipe and directions to your photos. I can not wait to try some of the wonderful                                                         recipes that I know we will get.


7/31 – 8/6: Egg Challenge – This week have each child create an egg holder that will allow them to drop the egg from at least 10 feet in the                                                             air without it breaking. If you need more instructions check out the egg challenge PDF. Please post pictures of                                                           your egg contraptions along with how high your egg was able to with stand being dropped from without                                                                       breaking, on our Facebook group. Come on let’s see some amazing inventions that push the height limit to its’                                                           maximum.

8/7 – 8/13: Recycling Challenge – How much waste do we produce a year? That is something that I want you to think about this week. Are                                                                      there ways that we can cut down on the amount of waste that we produce? Maybe, you could start a                                                                              recycling bin, repurpose older stuff in the house, start a compost bin, rain water collection barrel, turn                                                                          things off that use electricity more often, etc. There are so many ways that we could help our earth. Let’s                                                                      start to make a difference today. Please post pictures of how your family recycled this week along with                                                                          an explanation.

8/14 – 8/20: Homemade Things to Play With – This week is pretty open. Do you have recipe for homemade playdough that you love to                                                                                                     make. Or how about slime, bubbles, paint, chalk, etc. Please post your recipe and how to                                                                                                   make it on our Facebook group. If you get time try to post a photo of you and your                                                                                                               child(ren) making the recipe together. Maybe, even a photo of your children playing with                                                                                                 your homemade item. Have fun and learn new ways to make homemade things to play                                                                                                       with at home.

8/21 – 8/27: Changes in Matter – There are three states of matter: gases, liquids and solids. Here is a good video to watch with your kid(s)                                                                       to help them understand the three states of matter. https://youtu.be/C33WdI64FiY Now here is the fun                                                                       part, let’s make some food where states of matter change. Homemade ice cream in a bag – it goes from a                                                                       liquid to a solid and tastes amazing. Make homemade butter – it goes from a liquid to to a solid. Vinegar                                                                       and Baking soda – solid to a gas, you will want to do this experiment outside. Lollipop Lab – goes from a                                                                       solid to a liquid. Please take pictures of the food experiments that you did this week and post them on                                                                           our Facebook Group.

  • Thank you for joining us on our fun summer adventures. May we continue to have more adventures together. To make sure that you do not miss any other fun ideas on this website please make sure that you subscribe to this website, right now.



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