Classical Conversations Lesson Planners

Classical Conversations Lesson Planners

Lesson Planner how we run the day

Do you feel like you are having a hard time figuring out how to manage your time during the day? Do you struggle with seeing how the Classical Conversations(CC) curriculum can fit into your homeschooling schedule? Maybe you just need help with figuring out how to structure your day to fit everything in. Well look no further. I have created a few different planners that will help you to stay focused and on track when it comes to using CC in your homeschooling.

Daily Planners

Do you need a planner that will allow you to plan for multiple kids at the same time? Here is a daily planner that will help you to do so. The first planner lists the subjects that could be covered for CC. The second planner lists a times scheduled that can be used to keep yourself on track for each subject. The one thing that I like about the timed planner is that for my younger kids, whenever they have finished that task, they have a break till the next task begins. For example, if my younger son, finishes his math assignment at 9:30, he then has a break till reading starts at 10:00. I have noticed for younger kids, kids that have a lot of energy, or kids that have a hard time focusing for longer periods of time, this method seems to work quite well. 

Lesson Planner with just subjects


Lesson Planner with times and subjects



Do you like to do your lesson plans for a whole week? I created lesson plans that have the subjects that you could be taught, using the Classical Conversations curriculum. One lesson planner has times to help you stay on schedule, and one is without any times. I also created a lesson plan that has lines through it. That way if you have multiple kids you can write each child on a different line.

Lesson Planner weekly with just subjects

Lesson Planner weekly with times

Lesson Planner weekly with just subjects with lines

I hope that these lesson plans help with using the Classical Conversations curriculum. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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