Cycle 2 Week 13 FREE Resources


Cycle 2 Week 13



History: Industrial Revolution – website with information on James Watts – advanced reading about the Industrial Revolution – Video, quiz and a list of other websites that will help your child to dig deeper into the Industrial Revolution. – timeline activity for the Industrial Revolution – notebooking pages for Eli Whitney and James Watt – Industrial Revolution Free printable coloring book – fun printable worksheets about the Industrial Revolution

Geography: Northern European Countries – online map that lets you click on each country in Northern Europe

Math: Liquid Equivalents – poem book that has a cute activity to help your child remember the liquid equivalent measurements – e-book for $2.95 called the Kingdom of Gallon – song for the gallon man – activity to make the gallon man

English: Indefinite Pronouns – online quiz

Latin: 1st Conjugation Endings Present Tense – Chart that helps you to see how Latin words will be conjugated using the present tense form – file folder used to organize each form of first conjugations – Latin game to help conjugate Latin verbs and match them with their English word

Latin Verb Conjugations Present Stem Worksheets

Science: States of Matter

Olaf & The States of Matter

This site is so cute. If you click on the Google Doc, she created a state of matter paper to use with the Olaf Video. – two different science experiments that show students the 3 states of matter – life cycle of a snowman, it shows the three states of matter, it also includes a neat worksheet. – video and experiment using a grape that shows what plasma is.

Art: Rembrandt

Chalk and Tempera Primary Portraits

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