Cycle 2 Week 14 FREE Resources


Cycle 2 Week 14 FREE


History: World War I Leaders – gives information about each person, the only person not included is Clemenceau of France – animated map of Europe that shows the advancement of troops as the war went on.

Geography: Baltic Europe – tells you a little more about each country – blank map of Europe


English: Adverb

Latin: 1st Conjugation endings Present tense – Chart that helps you to see how Latin words will be conjugated using the present tense form – file folder used to organize each form of first conjugations – Latin game to help conjugate Latin verbs and match them with their English word

Latin Verb Conjugations Present Stem Worksheets

Science: Difference Between an Acid and a Base – great experiment using red cabbage and cartridge paper to test for acidity and base of certain items. Also included is an m&ms worksheet to understand the chemical make-up of acids and bases. – four different science experiments to do with your kids that help them to learn about acids and bases. – explains what an acid and a base are.

Science Experiments for kids : Lemon Suds Eruptions

Math: Linear Equivalents

Cycle 1 Week 14 resources (Math & Science)


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