Cycle 2 Week 15 FREE Resources

Cycle 2 Week 15

FREE Resources

History: Tell Me About World War I Countries

 I would make this image larger before I printed it out. – Colored map that shows the allied forces, central powers, and even the countries that are neutral.

Geography: Middle East – Review from Cycle 1 and includes countries from Cycle 2 week 15

English: Purposes of Sentences – flip book about the four purposes of sentences – foldable book about the four purposes of sentences

Latin: 1st Conjugation Endings Imperfect Tense – cute 1 page poster with pictures


Science: Two Forms of Energy – online roller coaster that shows you where there is kinetic and potential energy while a roller coaster is going.

Potential and Kinetic Energy- 2nd Grade Homeschool

easy lego car that uses a balloon to go, demonstrating kinetic and potential energy – how to use dominoes to understand kinetic and potential energy – how to use a matchbox car, washers and tape to demonstrate kinetic and potential energy – really cool experiment using a coffee can and few other objects to understand how potential energy turns into kinetic energy.


Math: Metric Measurements – easy card game that helps you convert numbers from centimeters to millimeters. You could even do meters to centimeters or kilometers to meters. – scavenger hunt that allows your students to measure items in metric measurements. I would use only page 2 of the document. – metric millionaire – online game that helps your child convert metric measurements. Questions are harder.

Art: Gainsborough – easy step by step art project that any kids could follow. Shows you how to make a pop art landscape. – you will need water color paper and water colors. Easy step by step instructions to make a beautiful birch tree landscape.

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