Cycle 2 Week 17 FREE Resources

History: World War II Leaders – really neat hands-on ideas and displays that you can make with World War II. – coloring sheet for the Axis leaders. – coloring sheet for the Ally leaders. – original documents that came from Eisenhower the night before D-Day – 13 question quiz about World War II – presentation with pictures and words of each leader.

Geography: Central Europe – online game that lets your kids learn all of the countries in Europe. There are different levels of ability on the game, so it allows your younger kids to participate also.


English: Noun – go on a noun scavenger hunt with your kids. – sort printable pictures into the categories, person, place, or things. If you think that printing these pictures would be too much for your printer, look at the idea that the teacher used on her website. Then have your kids draw pictures on post-it notes and place them under the headings, person, place or thing that you have written on a piece of paper or even on chart paper.


Latin: 1st Conjugation Ending Future Tense – poster for the Latin future tense with pictures – if you want to see how these conjugations will work later on in Latin, check out this website. Betsy did a great job or creating fun and inviting worksheets.

Science: What is Newton’s Second Law? – how to understand Newton’s second law by creating a marshmallow shooter, using a plastic cup, balloon and marshmallows. – different science experiments using a balloon, a string, plastic straw and tape. Great way to understand mass and acceleration. – great packet and activities for kids ages 5-7. Covers vocabulary words such as force, push, pull, motion, tension, friction and gravity.

Math: Area of a Square – free worksheet for your child to make their own area robot. These are so cute. – game for 2-3 kids. I would do this with kids who can multiply easily. This game allows them to understand the area of a square and a rectangle. – how to measure and cut out different size squares to create an masterpiece.

Fine Arts: Degas

This is one of the coolest ways I have ever seen someone explain how to draw the human figure using pipe cleaners, beads, dry erase board and markers. She gives you step-by-step instructions. – a neat science project about homopolar motors. The figure they create is a ballerina. Use the next website to connect the science project to our artist Degas. The science project calls for a 1/2″ x 1/8″ neodymium magnet. You can find these magnets at Walmart. You will also need 16 gauge copper wire, 1 AA battery, and a set of pliers with cutters on them. This is such a cool idea. I really suggest doing this experiment. – step-by-step instructions on how to sketch a ballerina and then using watercolors you could paint your picture. If you have little ones, I would print the picture onto water color paper and then just let them paint the picture.

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