Cycle 2 Week 18 FREE Resources

History: League of Nations – online video that has interactive questions at the end.

They do not seem to have any videos on the League of Nations for younger kids. This one is at least straight forward and engaging.

Geography: Central Europe – online game that lets your kids learn all of the countries in Europe. There are different levels of ability on the game, so it allows your younger kids to participate also.


English: 5 Kinds of Nouns Usage


Latin: 1st Conjugation Endings Future Tense – poster for the Latin future tense with pictures – if you want to see how these conjugations will work later on in Latin, check out this website. Betsy did a great job or creating fun and inviting worksheets.


Science: What is Newton’s Third Law – 3 really easy hands-on science experiments. – cool science experiment that uses a plastic cup, straw, water, string and a bucket or sink. This allows you to make a Hero’s engine. – video about force and motion, then there are questions to answer at the end. – video about Newton’s third law of motion and then there are questions at the end.


Math: Area of A Triangle – neat activity for older kids, on how to come up with the area of a triangle formula on their own, using paper and starting with a square. – cute way to review the last three weeks worth of area formulas. – free downloadable card game finding the area of a triangle. – how to create an artful masterpiece, using a ruler and drawing lines that create triangles. Check out activity #3 on here: Line Drawing: Polygon Investigator.


Fine Art: Marisot – lesson plans and the prinatbles that go with the video above.


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