Cycle 2 Week 19 FREE Resources

History: Korean War


Even though this video is about the Cold War it shows how other wars including the Korean War helped to strengthen the problems in the Cold War. – She split the kids into two groups, one to convince the president we needed to intervene, and another to convince the president it was a terrible idea to intervene during the Korean war. Comes with a printable time line. – Kids can get a junior ranger activity book at the Korean War Veterans Memorial information kiosk. Complete the book to earn a badge! Have to order ahead of time.

Geography: Southeast Asia – printable map of southeast Asia that you can color in.


English: Gerund




Science: 1st Law of Thermodynamics – create energy by shaking sand inside of two Styrofoam cups and using a food thermometer to watch the temperature rise.


I would watch this video by yourself first. Then do the experiment with the kids first. Allow them to make a hypothesis about what they think will happen and then after the experiment review the 1st law of thermodynamics.


Latin: 1st Conjugation Ending Present Perfect Tense – if you want to see how these conjugations will work later on in Latin, check out this website. Betsy did a great job or creating fun and inviting worksheets. – a way to keep all the tenses straight.


Math: Area of a Circle – cool way to find the area of a circle using a hula hoop. – this post talks about creating shapes that allows your kids to drive their matchbox cars on so that they can learn the names of the shapes. What if you took it one step further. Have your older kids measure the shapes and figure out how to find the area of each shape. This will allow you to review the last four weeks of math and differentiate your instruction at the same time.

I would use this with kids who are a little bit older. Maybe 9 or 10 years and up.


Fine Art: Classical Period (Mid 1700’s to early 1800’s) – game that helps your child to know what each instrument in the orchestra is called and what it sounds like. It goes with the Chuck Vanderchuck video from above.

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