Cycle 2 Week 21 FREE Resources

History: Cold War – online Cold War trivia game. – interactive online map for what happened during the Cold War.

Butter Battle book by Dr. Seuss. It is a satire on the Cold War

Here is the video that goes with the Butter Battle book by Dr. Seuss. If you can find the book at a local library I would read the story to the kids first explaining how this book relates to the Cold War. Then let them watch the video.



Geography: Central America – online geography games. Has different levels of the game.

English: Conjunction

 – fun hands-on activity to use to teach your child(ren) about conjunctions. You will need to print out her hand PDF and cut them out. – 4 different hands-on activities that are easy to create and engaging for your child to use to learn about conjunctions. – online game that defines conjunctions and gives you examples first. Then has them play a game to see if they understand what conjunctions are.


Latin: 1st Conjugation Endings Pluperfect Tense – if you want to see how these conjugations will work later on in Latin, check out this website. Betsy did a great job or creating fun and inviting worksheets. – a way to keep all the tenses straight.


Science: 3rd Law of Thermodynamics

Almost impossible to find a thermodynamics video that isn’t overly complicated. This video at least is straight forward. – I know that this experiment doesn’t have anything to do with absolute zero, but it does deal with freezing temperatures. You can blow bubbles when it is really cold out (in the teens or below), by creating a bubble solution using dish soap, corn syrup and water. Really neat idea.


Math: Associative Law – really cute activity using dice and the associative law to help students understand what the parenthesis mean. – have your child create a comic strip with a super hero that uses the associative law property of parenthesis as his/her super power.


Fine Arts: Brahms: Symphony no. 4 – online game that allows you to go through the streets of Vienna looking for Brahms. You will discover many items from that time period all while listening to classical music. – for younger kids. This is matching beat patterns.