Cycle 2 Week 23 FREE Resources

History: Gulf War


This video is almost an hour long, but for your older kids that are really into history this is a really well done video of why the war began and what happened during the war. – learn more about Iraq from this online website. – click on the people, places and things that happened during the Persian Gulf War. – worksheet that shows you the roots of the problem for why the Persian Gulf War started. It shows the problems in timeline format then asks questions.


Geography: Western Asia – online games for the geography of Asia. – online quiz that asks you to click on each country in Asia when asked where a country is.


English: Adjective – a printable activity that allows you to use dice that you roll and create more vibrant sentences. – printable apples to apples game that uses pictures and words to understand how to use adjectives. – cute craft idea with clouds and rainbows (spectrums) that include adjectives.


Science: How Does Heat Flow? – easy way to use popcorn to demonstrate the three different heat transfer methods.

Simple Heat Conduction Experiment with Air is Not Oxygen! – easy science experiment using paper and a lamp, to show your kids how home convection works.


Math: The Distributive Law – fun hands-on activity using a piece of paper and three dice. – free penguin puzzle that uses the distributive property to solve the puzzle.


Fine Arts: Review Beethoven – coloring page of Beethoven. – a lot of activities to learn about Beethoven.

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