Cycle 2 Week 24 FREE Resources

History: Apartheid Ending – online game, videos and a quiz about Nelson Mandela. – coloring sheet of the South African flag.


Geography: Southern Africa – online games for the geography of Africa.– online quiz that asks you to click on each country in Southern Africa when asked where a country is.


English: Interjection – printable interjection game. – writing mat where your child can roll a die and create a sentence, using a noun, adjective, verb and interjection.

Latin: Future Perfect Tense – if you want to see how these conjugations will work later on in Latin, check out this website. Betsy did a great job or creating fun and inviting worksheets. – a way to keep all the tenses straight.


Science: Units Used to Measure electricity



10 Awesome Electricity Projects for Kids – very cool way to make electricity with different kinds of play-dough.

Fine Arts: Review Brahms and Dvorak

This video does not read the words for you, so you will have to watch this video with your younger kids and read it to them. – one page worksheet that talks about Brahms whole life. – coloring page of Brahms. – free download from SQUILT. It helps you to understand this piece of music.

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