Cycle 3 Week 1 – FREE Resources

History: Tell Me About Columbus




Activity for younger kids who have a hard time cutting. In this craft activity your child will use different color blue paper plate to create a beautiful ocean. Then there is a simple shape to use to cut out the boats to create the 3 ships that Columbus used to sail to the Bahamas.

Columbus Day Snack


Who Was Christopher Columbus?

Heroes of History: Christopher Columbus, Across the Ocean Sea

DK Readers: The Story of Christopher Columbus Level 2

Christopher Columbus

Where Do You Think Your Going, Christopher Columbus?

Adventures in Odyssey: Flights of Imagination (Columbus the Grand Voyage)

Geography: States & Capitals


States, Capitals, and Abbreviations Bookmark

FREE States and Capitals Game

Free printable Bingo boards that review all 50 states and capitals. 

Pick Up States game

Connect Legos to match states, their capitals and their abreviations




The 50 States: Explore the U.S.A with 50 Fact-Filled Maps


English: Infinitive

Latin: Prepositions


Science: Four Types of Tissue



Connective Tissue Experiment

Visual for the Four types of Tissues


Math: Skip Counting the 1s and 2s


Skip Counting Puzzles

Skip Counting Mazes

Skip Counting Dot-to-Dot Worksheets

Skip Counting by 2s Using Fish Cards

Skip Counting by Stacking Cups


Fine Arts: OILS