Cycle 3 Week 13 FREE Resources

History: Tell me About the Fourteenth Amendment

Since the 14th Amendment is about all men being equal, and talking about slavery, this video has some touchy subjects that is talks about. I believe that it is ok for the older kids, but you may want to watch the video first and decided for yourself.


This video is more for younger kids.


Read A Short Passage and Take A Quiz About the 14th Amendment

Geography: Western Rocky Mountains


No-Bake Snowy Mountain Cookies

Slow Cooker Avalanche Cookies

Snow Capped Mountain Cupcakes

Recycled Drink Carton Mountains

Picture of the Appalachian Mountains

How to Draw Mountains Video

Music – In the Hall of the Mountain

Snowy Mountain Garland

Mountain Wall Art


English: Irregular Verb Tenses: to beat



Slap It! Card Game

Matching Game

Bingo Cards

Board Game for Irregular Verbs


Latin: John 1:1



Online Quiz For Latin Words from John 1:1-7

Copy Work in Latin and English for John 1:1-7


Math: Liquid Equivalents


Liquid Equivalents Activity

Online Liquid Volume Game

Mr. Gallon Robot


Science: What is the Atomic Number


This video is for older students.


Homemade Craft Atom

DIY Atom out of a Small Pizza Box

Printable Playdough Mat to Help Make an Atom

Model the Motion of Electrons With Magnets


Fine Arts: Great Artists – Grandma Moses



Create A Winter Landscape

Create A Beautiful Landscape

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