Cycle 3 Week 16 FREE Resources

History: Immigrants Coming to America





Tons of Amazing Immigration Activities

Virtual Tour of Ellis Island

Read “At Ellis Island,” and Make a Postcard

Online Game About Ellis Island Immigration

Geography: Bays


Explanation of A Bay


English: Irregular Verbs: To Shake


Slap It! Card Game

Matching Game

Bingo Cards

Board Game for Irregular Verbs


Latin: John 1:3



Online Quiz For Latin Words from John 1:1-7

Copy Work in Latin and English for John 1:1-7


Math: Area of A Rectangle




Area of A Rectangle Game

Learning Area of A Rectangle With Legos

Area of A Rectangle Fibonacci Art

5 Really Cute Hands-on Activities to Learn About Area

Online Area of A Rectangle Game


Science: First Four Elements in the Periodic Table


Periodic Table With Pictures and Words

Periodic Table Battleship

Periodic Table Printable Element Cards

NOVA – Online Interactive Periodic Table

Chemist – Online Game Where Your Child can Mix Together Certain Elements and See the Reaction That it Makes

Printable Interactive Periodic Table



Elements by Theodore Gray


Fine Arts: Great Artists – Wyeth



Activities That you can do With Your Kids to Learn More About Andrew Wyeth

Lighthouse Art Project

Different Art Projects About Andrew Wyeth



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