Cycle 3 Week 17 FREE Resources

History: Tell me About President Wilson



President Wilson Coloring Page

Interactive Website With A Lot of Points About President Wilson’s Life

President Wilson Word Search (Easy)

President Wilson Word Search (Harder)

President Wilson Word Scramble

Other President Wilson Coloring Pages

Geography: Rivers (East)



United States Landform Maps Made With Edible Candy

Outdoor River Made of Foil (Wondering if you Could Make one in a Plastic Bin??)

Science Experiment – Which Way Does a River Flow?

Painting A Watercolor River (Older Kids)


English: Irregular Verbs: To Go


Slap It! Card Game

Matching Game

Bingo Cards

Board Game for Irregular Verbs


Latin: John 1:4


Online Quiz For Latin Words from John 1:1-7

Copy Work in Latin and English for John 1:1-7


Math: Area of A Square


Create a Robot Using Area of A Rectangle and Square

Area Dice Game

How to Use Squares to Make Really Cool Designs

Learning Perimeter and Area With Legos

Post-It Area Ideas


Science: Second Four Elements on the Periodic Table




Periodic Table With Pictures and Words

Periodic Table Battleship

Periodic Table Printable Element Cards

NOVA – Online Interactive Periodic Table

Chemist – Online Game Where Your Child can Mix Together Certain Elements and See the Reaction That it Makes

Printable Interactive Periodic Table


Fine Arts: Great Artists – Lichtenstein



Easy Roy Lichtenstein Art Project With Printable

Easy Roy Lichtenstein Primary Colors Art Project for Little Kids

How to Make A Pop Art Sunset

Modern Art Self-Portrait


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