Cycle 3 Week 18 FREE Resources

History: Pearl Harbor



This video is for older kids. It has President Roosevelt’s Address to the nation.


Pearl Harbor Mini Activity Unit (71 Pages)

President Franklin Roosevelt’s Day of Infamy Speech

Pearl Harbor Coloring Page

Pearl Harbor Word Search

Pearl Harbor Crossword Puzzle


Geography: Rivers (West)


United States Landform Maps Made With Edible Candy

Outdoor River Made of Foil (Wondering if you Could Make one in a Plastic Bin??)

Science Experiment – Which Way Does a River Flow?

Painting A Watercolor River (Older Kids)


English: Sentence Parts: Subject



Color Subjects Red and Predicates Blue

Subject and Predicate Writing Game

FREE Activity Pack About Subjects and Predicates


Latin: John 1:5


Online Quiz For Latin Words from John 1:1-7

Copy Work in Latin and English for John 1:1-7


Math: Area of A Triangle


This video will help with area and perimeter of a square and triangle.


PBS Video on Why and How we Use the Area of A Triangle

Rap Song About the Area of A Triangle

Discovering How to Get the Area of A Triangle


Science: What are the Third Four Elements


Periodic Table With Pictures and Words

Periodic Table Battleship

Periodic Table Printable Element Cards

NOVA – Online Interactive Periodic Table

Chemist – Online Game Where Your Child can Mix Together Certain Elements and See the Reaction That it Makes

Printable Interactive Periodic Table


Fine Arts: Great Artists: Davis