Cycle 3 Week 19 FREE Resources

History: NATO



Map of the Countries That are Part of NATO   This map also includes countries that are in the European Union

NATO Phonetic Alphabet

Map of NATO Countries and Timeline of NATO

NATO Powerpoint

Geography: Trails







Interactive Online Santa Fe Trail Map

Interactive Online Mormon Trail Map

Map of all of the Trails

Original Oregan Trail Game

Pioneer Recipes That Helped Them to Survive 

Make Homemade Paper Bag Pioneer Journals

Pioneered Covered Wagons Snack

Pioneer Days, Rag no Sew Doll

Tons of fun Pioneer Day Crafts 


English: Sentence Parts – Predicate


Color Subjects Red and Predicates Blue

Subject and Predicate Writing Game

FREE Activity Pack About Subjects and Predicates


Latin: John 1:5


Online Quiz For Latin Words from John 1:1-7

Copy Work in Latin and English for John 1:1-7


Math: Area of a Circle




Using a Hula-Hoop to Find the Circumference of a Circle

This post talks about creating shapes that allows your kids to drive their matchbox cars on so that they can learn the names of the shapes. What if you took it one step further. Have your older kids measure the shapes and figure out how to find the area of each shape. This will allow you to review the last four weeks of math and differentiate your instruction at the same time.


Science: What do the Heavens Declare?


Fine Arts: Introduce Orchestra