Cycle 3 Week 2 FREE Resources

History: Tell me About the Pilgrims


Original document – The Mayflower Compact

Pilgrim coloring pages

Mayflower Activities



The Thanksgiving Story

Pilgrim’s First Thanksgiving

Magic Tree House – Thanksgiving on Thursday


Geography: States & Capitals


States, Capitals, and Abbreviations Bookmark

FREE States and Capitals Game

Free printable Bingo boards that review all 50 states and capitals. 

Pick Up States game

Connect Legos to match states, their capitals and their abreviations


The 50 States: Explore the U.S.A with 50 Fact-Filled Maps


English: Present Participle


Present participle fill-in the blank online

Present participle sorting activity


Latin: Conjunctions



Science: Which Bones Make up the Axial Skeleton?

Printable skeleton

Tape resistant skeleton painting

Q-tip skeletons

Axial skeleton diagram


Math: Skip Counting the 3s and 4s


Skip Counting Puzzles

Skip Counting Dot-to-Dot Worksheets (Counting by 3s)

Skip Counting Hundreds Chart That Need to be Colored in

Skip Counting Hundreds Chart That is Already Colored in

Skip Counting Catepillars

Skip Counting Hopscotch Board

Skip Counting Online Bubble Popping Game


Fine Arts: Mirror Image



Liberty Bell Mirror Image Lesson Plans with Video

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