Cycle 3 Week 5 FREE Resources

History: Tell Me About George Washington



Coloring Sheet of George Washington

Color By Number George Washington Worksheet

Crossword Puzzle of George Washington (older kids)

Word Search of George Washington

Easy to Make George Washington Hat

DIY George Washington Cookies



Who Was George Washington?

George Washington and the General’s Son

National Geographic Readers: George Washington


Geography: States & Capitals


States, Capitals, and Abbreviations Bookmark

FREE States and Capitals Game

Free printable Bingo boards that review all 50 states and capitals. 

Pick Up States game

Connect Legos to match states, their capitals and their abreviations

Coloring and Matching Worksheets


English: Irregular Verb Tenses


Slap It! Card Game

Matching Game

Bingo Cards

Board Game for Irregular Verbs


Latin: Verbs



Latin Flashcard Games


Math: Skip Counting 9s and 10s


Skip Counting Hopscotch Board

Skip Counting Puzzles

Skip Counting Online Bubble Popping Game

Skip Counting Maze by 10s

Skip Counting Maze by 9s


Science: What Are the Five Main Senses?




Nature Walk for the Five Senses

Sensory Spice Painting

Scratch and Sniff Names

Mr. Potato Head 5 Senses Game


Fine Arts: Perspective




How to Draw Landscape Perspective


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