Cycle 3 Week 6 Free Resources

History: Tell Me About the Louisiana Purchase




Lewis and Clark Crossword Puzzle

Lewis and Clark Coloring Sheets

Lewis and Clark Expedition Map

Lewis and Clark Board Game



The Journals of Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark: A Prairie Dog for the President

Lewis and Clark: In Their Own Words


Geography: States & Capitals


States, Capitals, and Abbreviations Bookmark

FREE States and Capitals Game

Free printable Bingo boards that review all 50 states and capitals. 

Pick Up States game

Connect Legos to match states, their capitals and their abreviations

Coloring and Matching Worksheets


English: Irregular Verb Tenses



Slap It! Card Game

Matching Game

Bingo Cards

Board Game for Irregular Verbs


Latin: Nouns


Latin Flashcard Games


Math: Skip Counting the 11s and 12s


Caterpillar Skip Counting

Skip Counting Mazes

Create A Skip Counting Number Line (I would create Popsicle sticks that  skip counted by any number and have my kids put them in order.)

Lego Skip Counting Activity


Science: What are Some Parts of the Digestive System?




Hands-On Kids project for Digestive System

Chemical Experiment for the Digestive System

Edible Digestive System

Digestive System About Bile Science Experiment

Measuring Your Small Intestines Activities


Fine Arts: Final Project





Textured Landscape Ideas