The Core Book Study Group

Book Study Group Schedule

Introduction Week – Helping Your Child to Reach Their True Potential


In this week we talk about the schedule for reading the book The Core. This introduction also tells you how we will be going about with the book study group and it gives you a little in sight into my background and why I choose to do this book.


Week 2 – An Environment That Creates Educated Children


Week 3 – 3 Steps That Will Help Your Child With Their Academic Success


Week 4: No More Tears When it Comes to Reading!!


Lexile Measures Website:

This is the What is Lexile all about page:


Week 5: Areas You Can Improve at Home to Produce Better Readers


1,000 Most Commonly Used Words in English –

Use the 1,000 word list with the book Spelling Plus by Susan Anthony –


Week 6 – Teaching Your Kids to Paint a Masterpiece With Words

Writing with Ease Books – help your child to learn the foundations of writing

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