Thinking Thursday – Basketball Math Facts Game


I do not know about you, but, the thought of doing math flash cards all summer seemed pretty boring. So my kids and I came up with the idea of creating a basketball game where they could still practice their math facts while having fun.


Basketball Math Facts

First, we collected our math fact cards (multiplication for my daughter and addition cards for my son) and then we found our chalk. We went outside. I brought my iced coffee and a comfy chair for me to sit in.

Then I let my daughter draw three circles on the basketball court. One circle was really close to the hoop and then the other two circles were farther away. Then she put a number 1 in the closest circle to the hoop, a 2 in the next circle and a 3 in the circle that was the farthest from the basketball hoop. She then made a box with each kids’ name in it. This would be used to keep track of all their points that they scored.

To start the game I held up a card for each kid. If they answered it correctly they got one chance to shoot the basketball from a circle of their choice. So if my son had a card that said 3 + 5 = and he answered 8, then he would get the basketball. He would choose a circle to shoot the ball from. Say he choose the number 3 circle, he would take the ball over to the number 3 circle, stand inside of it and shoot the ball. If he made the basket, then he was able to put three tally marks in his box. If he missed, he came back to me to try to answer another math fact. This continued till they answered all of their math facts. We decided to use tally marks because my youngest son hadn’t learned how to use them yet.

Some Tips

After the first game my youngest son was really upset because his sister had beaten him by a lot, so, I decided to write down each of their scores on a sheet of paper. Then the next time that we played they tried to beat their own score from the time before. This seemed to help with the competition ordeal that tended happen whenever we played a game.

Sometimes they would shoot the ball without me looking and say that they made it. I wasn’t so sure that they did. So I told them to wait for me so that I could watch each of them make a basket. They didn’t have any problem with waiting.


I hope that this game helps you to have some fun learning your math facts this summer!!

Post pictures or comments below of how your family does with the basketball math fact game. Post NOW!!

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