Thinking Thursday – New Ways to Use Wikki Stix


I am absolutely in love with these new ideas on how to use Wikki Stix. If you have never used Wikki Stix before they are long pieces of hand knitted yarn, that is coated with a non-toxic wax that allows them to stick together. And the company has now created tons of lesson plans that use Wikki Stix that are fun, hands-on, easy to use and engaging.


I noticed that there are a few lessons that connect with ideas that we have covered in Classical Conversations. Here are just a couple of them:


Parts of a Plant Cell

The pictures on the website make it very easy to understand the lesson plan and how to implement it into your homeschool curriculum. I love this picture. When I showed my 9 year old daughter the pictures of the different lesson plans, she was so excited that she started picking out ones that she wanted to do.


Constellation Designs

This lesson plan would be something fun to do while camping, or sitting around a campfire.


There are so many more lesson plans that will keep you learning for quite awhile.

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