Hello, my name is Miranda Templar. I have three children. Brooke will be turning 14 tomorrow. She is bright, loving, and an amazing soccer player. Jenevieve is 6. She is a mini me. She reminds me of myself, ball of fire, outgoing, and has a big heart. Gavin is 3. He is always happy, very energetic and loves superheros. I also have an amazing husband (Jason) who supports me in what ever I do. Thank God for this, because God asked me to do the things that I am doing. Even though ,they are against what my husband believes, he has decided to support this journey that we are on.

I was an elementary teacher for a great public school for 8 years. I loved my job. I loved working with the kids. I had an amazing staff of people that I worked with. In March of 2012 God asked us if we would homeschool our kids instead. At first I thought it was a cruel joke. I worked really hard to get my teaching degree. I even had to get my Master’s Degree because we live in NY. So I was really troubled. Not only did I not want to give up what I had worked so hard for but, I loved the kids that I worked with. I got hugs and hi-fives all day long. I had known a lot of those kids since they were little and considered them part of my family. But, when God asks you to do something he will keep bothering you until you do it. So in June of 2013 I handed my resignation in, trying not to cry.

When we first started doing homeschooling last fall it was a mess at first. I am a public school teacher and we needed to do homeschooling just like we did at school. This idea was all wrong. I was not teaching all first graders or second graders the same thing. I was now teaching an 8th grader, 1st grader and a 3 year old. I had to learn to adapt myself, our schedule and curriculum to meet the needs of each individual child. I would say that it took us till about March of the first year to finally feel like we had a routine that was working for everyone.

I am now starting this website because I want women to have a place where they can find easy ideas, recipes, crafts, and more to help make their family life be more enjoyable. Also, I want women to be able to connect with other women. It is so important that we have a group of women that we can turn to when we have had a bad day or when we just need someone to talk to. Finally, my biggest mission for this website is to help other women on their journey with God. Together we can grow in our faith and make the world a better place in the name of God.

I hope that you find this website friendly, easy to use and helpful. Please feel free to email me at mandy@homeschoolingwomenofgod.com with any comments or suggestions about the site.

Enjoy and may God bless you with a life full of adventure!!